Who are mail order brides, and why are they the best choice?

Some people have never heard of amazing foreign women eagerly looking for a rich American guy on the internet. Some people have heard, though, but prefer to believe in rumors and biases around the mail order brides, advising against them.

What are mail order brides? Are they illegal? And what kind of man will give thousands of dollars to buy a foreign wife? Sit tight, and let us explain.

Mail order brides: Briefly explained

What pictures come to your mind when you hear “buy a wife”? Nothing appropriate, we presume. But, despite all the social outrage, millions of men raid matrimonial agencies to purchase a girl from overseas.

The thing is, no one actually pays money to receive a real woman. Women aren’t items you can just pick up and purchase, right? Why do people call it “buying” then? Well, to start communicating with girls and using the “catalog,” you have to pay certain fees. Then a man pays for a girl’s visa, activities during the date and particularly sponsors the mail order wife he chose. See? Nothing criminal.

Where mail order brides are illegal?

However, even though buying a woman brings no harm to anyone, some countries restrict such an activity:

  • Belarus;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Cambodia;
  • Philippines;

How Can You Buy a Wife Online?

The internet is a vast resource for women looking to meet a husband. More women than ever before are connecting on social networks and dating websites. It is now easier than ever for a modern woman to meet someone who is perfect for her. Before committing to a mail order wives service, it is important to check the website’s reputation, as some sites may be scams. Read reviews about other members and check the number of active and deleted profiles. You also want to look for a large number of successful love stories.

The process of buying a wife online is completely legal in most countries. However, buying a wife from another country is illegal in some places. Some countries, such as the Philippines, prohibit marriage agencies from selling brides. However, if you’re in the US, you can use a mail order bride service to find a wife.

Some people think that mail order bride services are simply a trade. While this is true, they also offer the opportunity for a successful relationship. Mail order bride services generally charge several hundred dollars or more for a mail order bride. This includes the cost of online and offline correspondence as well as the time spent together in person.

Mail order brides are usually ideal wives who know exactly what they want in a man and a relationship. These women also know the specific characteristics of their chosen husbands, so it’s important to understand what they’re looking for before you approach them.

Who and why needs a mail order wife?

You may wonder who may decide to really purchase a girl from another country to marry her. Actually, ask your friends, and with a 70% chance you’ll find out, they don’t mind trying it themselves. There are three categories of men on whom this entire industry orients:

US or Europe wealthy aged males

If you were a foreign woman who added her profile to the catalog, you’d have more likely met this type of man. Males range from 40 to 60 years old, running their own big business, interested in a young, passionate, model-ish girl from the other side of the Earth. Not really looking for pure feelings.

Enthusiastic guys from the US or Europe

Men from 25 to 35 years old, with their own property and a well-paid job, who were always interested in dating Asian, Slavic, and Arabian women. These guys are usually looking for genuine feelings rather than a beautiful body.

Men who gave up on local women

Men of different ages, who for any reason refuse/have no possibility to date local women and have enough income to afford a mail order wife. These sorts of guys are also looking for their real love, seeking a middle-aged woman who will make a caring wife and an amazing mother.

Breaking the biggest mail order myths

Unfortunately, this beneficial industry has gained a negative connotation that turns people away. Let’s dispel some of the most common fallacies about mail order brides.

No one looks for love there

Some girls join such ventures to acquire a free ticket to a wealthy lifestyle. Some males are on the lookout for a prize. The other half of the massive crowd is looking for their international soulmate! Thousands of people state in their profiles that they want a husband/wife looking to settle down and have children.

The initial idea is to twist people around the finger

The very first mail order brides appeared in the 19th century. According to the story, lonely colonists could acquire ladies from a catalog who would become their legally wedded wives.

Nowadays, as mail order brides service has developed, men can use online catalogs for the same purpose as it was decades ago—to find a proper wife.

It’s immoral

It would be as if men had bought women out of their will. However, the mail order bride business implies that a girl consciously adds her profile to the dating resource, obviously to be found by a man for whom this woman will fit the best. What’s immoral in the intentions of two souls looking to unite?

This industry is no longer in use

The popularity of the mail order industry has grown since the previous decade, and it seems that the business will develop further. Millions of women sign up on matchmaking websites, and millions of the users meet in person every month.

Where can you find mail order brides catalog?

Catalogs were popular in the 19th century, while today, we have premium dating websites—more sophisticated social media for soulmate seeking. You can find a reliable one by simply checking its reputation. Real users are leaving their reviews on popular platforms, like TrustPilot and Reddit.

Who and how can start looking for a foreign wife?

Actually, anyone. You need a device with an Internet connection to find a website, some free time to fill out your profile, some funds to buy local currency, and, of course, all your charms.

How much does it cost to purchase a bride?

To be fair, the price really depends. Some give $5000; some open their purses for $50,000. Let’s draw up an exemplary table of services and prices to give you an idea.

  • Four months of chatting with a mail order bride = $500
  • Presents and other stuff for the lady = $1000
  • Expenses during her trip to your country = $1000
  • Expenses during the week she stays with you = $1000
  • Obtaining the required papers to marry the girl = $3000
  • Wedding expenses = $3000

As you can see, the total sum would be approximately $9,500. Again, this all depends on your preferences, on the girl’s wishes, on prices in your/her country, and many other aspects.

Should you give the mail order bride industry a chance?

If you’re a man and you’re pretty satisfied with the woman around… Even in this case, you can still try dating a foreign girl. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s like to date a girl from Mexico, or you’re really obsessed with women who speak with a jolly Irish accent, you can always give dating services a try.